Case Studies

Cricket (68) & Bob (72)

Bob started taking testosterone to combat ongoing fatigue and depression. He has no idea what impact it would have on his libido. He and his wife of 47 years, Cricket, were only active sexually once in a blue moon. Cricket stopped taking HRT after the WHI study came out. She really didn’t give much thought until Bob started his treatment. As a couple they had to realize they were at a crossroad. Bob never felt better. Less depressed, better mood. Cricket liked the new Bob. She began to consider BIHT for herself and eventually started it. They were able to function as a couple again. They were no longer that elderly couple.


Hormone Replacement Therapy Case StudiesRay (63) & Ashley (34)

Ray, a successful entrepreneur, married to his 2nd – or was it his 3rd – trophy wife. He started testosterone to improve energy and sexual performance. Several months after Ray began treatment, Ashley, according to Ray, started having lots of doctors appointments. Her physical appearance had changed. She had a deeper voice, some acne, hair thinning at the scalp line. Ashley’s doctors finally diagnosed her with elevated testosterone. One day Ray casually mentioned to my medical assistant that his wife had this problem and we determined he never told his wife that he was taking testosterone and he was applying it as a cream just before going to bed each night. So Ashley was inadvertently taking testosterone every night.

Moral of the story: Your spouse needs to be informed. Your medications need to be taken properly per our detailed instructions. Or else…


Jenna (44) & Gary (53)

Jenna and Gary are a happily married couple with 2 children. Jenna started experiencing heavy periods that started to extend through the last 2 weeks of her cycle. Horrific PMS and a complete loss of libido. She was a high energy person, a certified fitness trainer, as well as the perfect soccer Mom. She knew herself that her irritability was worsening, her patience with her children nonexistent, and sex was something she never even though about any more. She was not happy with how this was effecting her marriage. She saw her Gynecologist who started her on a birth control pill (a non-bioidentical hormone). This helped her bleeding a bit, but her mood worsened. At this point Gary was hiding from her. When Jenna came to our practice her progesterone levels were very low. Progesterone Replacement Therapy helped Jenna almost immediately feel like herself again. Now she is chasing Gary around the house.


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