Medical Weight Loss in NYC

Hormone Replacement Therapy can help with Weight Management. Testosterone and DHEA increase lean muscle mass and decrease visceral fat respectively in men and women. Of course, a customized meal plan will be designed for you in our program.

I recently completed a 60 day program with Dr. Sue and had amazing results. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and never lost more than 15lbs and eventually gained it back. I am now down 45lbs and counting thanks to Dr. Sue and her staff, specifically Julie- they are amazing to work with!!! Dr. Sue’s program truly works and helps you keep the weight off. I’m in week three of transitioning to a maintenance diet and am still losing weight. Also, Dr. Sue’s line of supplements are high quality and affordable compared to others on the market. I highly recommend using Dr. Sue Decotiis to lose weight, keep it off, and feel great!! Hormone replacement therapy works to lose weight!!! Thank YOU soooo much!!!  ~ Google

For more weight loss management information, visit – to learn about Dr. Decotiis’ medical weight loss programs.

The NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor offers an acclaimed and highly popular customized and comprehensive medical weight loss program that is incredibly easy to follow to patients over 18 years old. These medical weight loss programs are designed to encourage and promote weight loss through a combination of safe, healthy weight loss, personalized attention, and long-term maintenance support:

  • Customized to your individual health needs and goals
  • Supervised by the leading NYC Weight Loss specialist, Sue Decotiis, MD who guide you through your program
  • Created to address the physical and emotional aspects of your weight loss progress
  • Includes ongoing counseling
  • May include FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants
  • May include a customized easy to follow meal plan
  • Learn more about medical weight loss: NYC Medical Weight Loss Doctor’s Prescription

If you have any questions for the NYC Doctor in regards to Medical Weight Loss or Hormone Replacement Therapy or to make a consultation with Sue Decotiis, MD please contact the Doctor’s NYC office.

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