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bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

As millions of Americans reach middle age many can expect to live another fifty years. The field of age management aims to optimize health and longevity by treating the cause of the process of decline not just the symptoms. The first step is bioidentical hormone replacement treatment.

Hormone Replacement Doctor is an evidence-based medical practice. In our practice we only prescribe Bioidentical Hormones.

Patient should call to or email us at to schedule an appointment with our program manager, Traci Fields, PA. Traci will let you know what laboratory tests need to be done and other details before your first visit. It is preferable for you to have the lab tests done so you can bring the results with you for your visit. Tarci will discuss all of the details before your visit.

With Our Program You Will Receive:

  • Detailed History – reviewing nuances of your complaints and issues
  • Physical Exam
  • Full Skin Exam looking for areas of loss of elasticity, texture, gravity changes, and pigmentation
  • Body Composition Analysis to determine body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate
  • Explanation of laboratory values
  • Explanation of prescriptions and detailed instructions for application will be given.


After starting you on your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy it is extremely important that we return your levels to youthful norms. You may need 3 – 5 visits the first year to do so and laboratory blood testing is the best way to confirm that you are receiving the correct dosages. Attaining those youthful levels and maintaining them is known as optimization – where you really get the benefit of this wonderful treatment. For example, a 65 year old woman will feel a lot better with the hormone levels she had as a young woman than the levels she had as a 50 year old. Follow up visits become less frequent once we know what you really need.

Many beneficial changes occur when you start HMT. This will greatly enhance your life on many different levels. For some couples this may create a disconnect. That is why we often see wives bring husbands and husbands bring wives. That’s why many of our patients gravitate toward our weight management programs and skin therapy including Lyposonix and Thermage.

Our Goal Is To Maintain Optimal Levels of Hormones.

Forever Health – Bioidentical Hormones and Wellness
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