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We have all misplaced keys, or blanked on acquaintances’ names, or forgotten a phone number. And we can sometimes blame it on stress, or lack of sleep. But our memory loss may also be triggered by a deficiency in a hormone identified as Pregnenolone.

The Link Between Memory Loss and Pregnenolone Deficiency

The biggest symptom that many patients with Pregnenolone Deficiency present with is Poor Memory. We realize how important this is when we are replacing another hormone, for example, Estrogen, which everyone associates with poor memory. When patients have not had a resolution of short term memory problems — like forgetting why they went to the grocery store, leaving their cell phones, losing their keys, etc, forgetting someone’s name at a cocktail party that they just met — we assume its Estrogen, but when those patients who are on Estrogen don’t get relief from that, many times it is Pregnenolone deficiency. So memory loss is really one of the main symptoms.

Other Symptoms of Pregnenolone Deficiency

Patients with a Pregnenolone deficiency may also have reduced color vision. They may feel less artistic at times. If a patient is artistic, they find that they have lost their “mojo” in that area. They might have fatigue from this deficiency. They may have very dry skin because they are not producing normal skin oils. They can also have a lot of joint pains and muscle pain. So this is really what we are looking for in these patients. And again, many of these patients have also been replacing various other hormones, so it’s something earlier on in the chain like the Pregnenolone hormone that can be forgotten.

Testing for Pregnenolone Deficiency

We can certainly test for hormone levels in the blood, but not every laboratory is able to perform those tests. Many of these patients will also have decreased DHEA Sulfate levels. Because DHEA is formed from Pregnenolone, without Pregnenolone you really can’t produce DHEA. We also see it in patients who’ve had a lot of adrenal symptoms; patients who have an excess – meaning overproduction – or underproduction of Adrenal Glucocorticoids. Patients who are taking drugs like steroids can also have very sharp reductions in Pregnenolone, as well as many other problems that we know about, such as Diabetes, or tremendous weight gain by taking steroids. And many patients take steroids for connective tissue disease problems and Arthritis. So it is very important that in that group of patients we look for DHEA as well as Pregnenolone deficiencies.

Pregnenolone Replacement Therapy for Treating Memory Loss

For memory loss, we usually start treatment at a relatively high dose because that is really what is necessary for the patient to improve. Sometimes it will take three to four months before the patient notices improvements in memory, but it really does occur in most patients. As far as testing for follow-up, that’s really important. We want to make sure that after the patient has started on therapy that they are tested, and we refer to that as Hormone Optimization. This is to be sure that the person is on an adequate dose and it really works well in resolving a lot of the symptoms that perhaps other hormone therapies do not resolve.

Attributes of the Pregnenolone Hormone

Pregnenolone is a very interesting hormone. It is very basic. Sometimes in hormone replacement therapy, we can overlook Pregnenolone. I think the reason for this is that it is so early on in the chain of Steroid Hormone Production. You have to realize that with all Steroid Hormone Production, sex steroids, in particular, we are dealing with a cascading chain of events. Everything starts with Cholesterol. Cholesterol gets converted into various substances, which then can wind up going into the hormone that you are thinking of – whether it be Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, etc. Pregnenolone is really the first step after Cholesterol. So Cholesterol becomes Pregnenolone and then from there, it goes into many other hormones. Because we are always focused on the side effects that a patient might have from, let’s say a Testosterone deficiency or Estrogen deficiency, we’re forgetting that many patients may suffer from the lack of these important precursor hormones.

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