Progesterone Replacement Therapy in NYC

Progesterone Replacement Therapy in NYC

Progesterone is the first hormone to drop off in perimenopause; the time period that precedes menopause and can start as early as 35 and last well over a decade. There are progesterone receptors throughout the body. Women feel so much better when progesterone levels are maintained at youthful levels.

Early symptoms of Progesterone deficiency could be bad PMS. Other symptoms are heavy menstrual bleeding, breakthrough bleeding also mood swings and sleep issues. Bioidentical progesterone is necessary in all menopausal women on hormone therapy. Without it, they may have signs of progesterone deficiency and these hormones need to be balanced. Just about all these problems can be corrected with bioidentical progesterone.

The progress of our Progesterone Replacement Therapy is carefully monitored by assessment of symptoms and blood tests.

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