Skin Treatments in NYC

Skin Treatments in NYC

Even long before menopause, many people have premature skin aging:

  • fair skin
  • very thin
  • history of sun exposure
  • runners, tennis players, or athletic persons who’ve spent a lot of time outdoors
  • smokers


As we age our skin lets everyone know it. Treating only the skin and not replacing the depleted hormones that have positive  effects there is unwise. When hormone levels are returned to youthful norms, your skin responds so much more gratefully to the care it receives.

Dr Decotiis has offered dermatology services in her practice since the late 1990’s.

During your visits we will give you very specific recommendations on how to care for your most forward asset.

Products such as:

  • High quality pharmaceutical strength antioxidants, glycolics, green tea extracts and peptides are wonderful substances to nurture your skin and enhance cell turnover
  • Antioxidant peels
  • Fillers including Botox, Perlane, Radiesse, Restylane

Skin Treatments in NYC

THERMAGE CPT is simply the best skin tightener available. It is a non invasive procedure and can lift eyes, face, jaw line, as well as body. What it does on loose belly skin after weight loss or pregnancy is amazing. Thermage CPT is similar to BIHT in that it enhances your own body production of natural coligen. There is nothing artificial about it. For more information Visit
LIPOSONIX is a newly approved procedure that uses high intensity ultrasound to melt fat cells and their contents. It is FDA approved for use on belly fat and love handles. The treatment takes 1 hour and most patients lose 1 inch of fat in 1 month (1 dress size).
IPL is intense pulsed light laser. This laser is great for pigmented and vascular lesions, sun spots.
Erbium Yag is a deeper treatment that is great for resurfacing and retexturing to give the skin a really fresh smooth glossy look.  Traci Fields, RPA has had special interest and training in dermatology as well as Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Dr. Decotiis also has a board certified dermatologist on staff.


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