Testosterone Replacement Therapy in NYC

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in NYC

Symptoms of low testosterone levels:

  • irritability, “grumpy old man” syndrome
  • loss of drive and competitive edge
  • reduced libido, sexual desires and fantasies
  • decreased erectile potential
  • decreased effectiveness of workouts
  • stiffness and joint pains
  • depression
  • fatigue


The benefits in addition to fixing everything on the list above is enhanced protection from cardiovascular disease with Bioidentical Testerone. Also enhanced bone mass, less type II diabetes,and better cholesterol profiles. What keeps a lot of men from getting the testosterone they really need is fear of prostate cancer. Many experts in the field of prostate cancer do not believe that Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement treatment is risky.

We usually prescribe Bioidentical Testosterone in the form of cream applied to the inner thighs.  Levels are checked every 3 most. It is also important to monitor the PSA test as a baseline. Red blood may rise secondary to the Rx but this is not a problem.

*Creams can be unwittingly transferred to spouses, family members, pets thus care must be taken to use them as directed. The Intramuscular ejections can reduce testicular size, sperm count and fertility. This is the reason we prefer the creams for many patients. Also to combat side effects such as thinning scalp hair we can recommend a variety of herbal medications such as saw palmetto and many others.

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